Welcome to the Biofluidics Lab

We are interested in understanding fundamental principles that nature uses to build and control living systems at micrometer scales, in particular through their interactions with fluids. We then use this knowledge to design micrometer scale devices that have applications in health and environment. Current research focus is on understanding physical and molecular mechanisms that govern cellular adhesion, motility and chemotaxis at intra- and inter- cellular level, and then use these insights to solve practical problems in cancer metastases and vascular tissue formation. Tools used in our research are: microfabricated devices, advanced quantitative imaging, and numerical/analytical computation

Recent News

9/14/2017 – Congratulations to Yu Ling, Yujie, and Min for getting the best poster award at the CNF Annual Meeting.

8/1/2017 – Congratulations to Dr. Wu for a R01 award from the National Cancer Institute, entitled: Microfluidic platform for tumor cell invasion. This project is in collaboration with Prof. Segall at Einstein College of Medicine.

4/27/2017 – Congratulations to  Claire and Jane, each was awarded a Summer Research Fellowship from The Cornell Engineering Learning Initiative. Job well done.

4/17/2017 – Cornell Sun reported Matt’s thesis work: Cornell Researcher Explains Mechanisms of Communication Between Cancer Cells, by Jheel Shah.

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We are affiliated with:
Cornell Center for the Microenvironment and Metastasis
Cancer Center of Weill Cornell Medical College and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (New)
Cornell Nanobiotechnology Center
Cornell Center for Materials Research
Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future