Postdoctoral Position in microfluidics and single cell analysis.

The Wu  lab in the department of Biological and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University invites  a  postdoctoral applicant in the direction of micro/nano fluidics and single cell analysis. The primary aim of this position is to explore roles of micro-mechanical and micro-chemical environments in single cell migration behavior using microfabricated systems and advanced imaging techniques. The candidate will benefit from extensive resources on Cornell campus, including Cornell Center for Materials Research, Nanobiotechnology Center, and the Cornell Nanoscale Science & Technology Facility. 

Applicants with prior experiences in soft condensed matter, micro/nano fabrication,  and/or  imaging,  are particularly encouraged to apply. If you are interested, please send in a copy of your cv along with names of three references to Dr. Mingming Wu at This position is open until it is filled.

Research Opportunities for MS/PhD, MEng and Undergraduate Students
We have a number of research projects for students at all levels investigating cell – environment interactions, in particular with fluids, using an integrated microfluidic, imaging and theoretical modeling approach.  Applications are in health and environment. 

Skills involved: Microfluidic device and imaging, fluid mechanics, cell biology, and biophysics.

Note on undergraduate research in Nano/microbio lab

We have a range of undergraduate research projects in the Nano/Microbio Lab, from instrument development to statistical analysis of cell locomotion.  Undergraduate researchers have always played significant roles in the lab. Many of our undergraduate researchers have had one or more publications in internationally known and  peer reviewed journals as a result of their work in the lab, or presented in nationwide meetings. In addition, many our undergraduate researchers have won on campus and off campus undergraduate research fellowships, these include NSF graduate research fellowship, NBTC undergraduate research fellowship, and ELI fellowship. Team work is highly encouraged in our lab, and all the undergraduate students work closely with either a postdoc or  a graduate student or a professor. We encourage students to work part time (10 hrs per week) on the  project during the semester for course credit, and full time over the summer with a stipend or a fellowship.

Update June 6, 2017.